Tips Tuesday: How to get long, strong, and shiny hair

Oils are your friend

Yes honey, oils! If you want to get that shiny healthy, bouncy looking hair all your favourite celebrities have right now, the secret is conditioning your hair before showering. My mom taught me this trick, but since I realized it, this trick has changed my life. At least every week I condition my hair over night with a oil mixture, I have a bottle with mixed coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil. I apply it before I go to bed the night before I have to wash my hair the next morning. Apply it gently to your hair and massage it into your scalp, then use a shower cap and cover your hair. When you wake up next morning, take a shower and watch your hair grow longer and shinier.

Drop the shampoo

Well not literally, but reduce the amount of shampoo you use in the shower. Even if you skip a day or two of shampooing your hair, your hair will thank you! Conditioners are actually what you need for your hair, shampoos just take out the natural oils from your hair. I don’t actually shampoo my hair very often, the most you need is a little bite size of the shampoo for your hair, but I NEVER skip conditioning.

End with a cold shower

Before you end your shower, turning the cold water on for a little and keeping your hair under the water for a few seconds to end the shower helps the hair a lot! It locks those cuticles in so you don’t lose more of your natural oils from your hair. Showering in hot water just makes your hair and also your skin drier. Maybe remember that when you want to turn up the heat in the shower even more.

Say bye-bye to your heat styling

As much as we love having that straight sleek hair style, or those really voluminous hair curls, all that heat that touches your hair is damaging it even more. Try to use heat very sparingly when you want your hair to grow long, strong, and shiny. My hair is kept in its natural waves for most of the weeks, I only straighten my hair or curl it on special occasions and some weekends.

Repeat these habits and you can say hello to gorgeous looking hair.


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